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Reconditioned Range Rover Engines For Sale


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Reconditioned Range Rover Engines

Reconditioned Range Rover Engines
Vehicle Overview


Land Rover




Solihull, England
Body and chassis


Full-size luxury SUV



Body style

5-door SUV


Range Rover (P38A)
306D1/M57 Engine 42D Engine
408P Engine LMN5 Engine
448P Engine TDV8 Engine
306DT Engine 276DT Engine
368DT Engine 508PS Engine
448DT Engine 46D Engine
448S2 (M62) Engine

The Range Rover is a luxury 4 wheel drive automobile that has significant off road capabilities made by the British vehicle manufacturer Land Rover. It has long been the benchmark of the luxury SUV. It even rivals luxury limousines for the upmarket style, refinement and grace. Its exquisite interior, regal image, powerful engines and unrivalled off-road ability make it the perfect vehicle for those who want a luxury car that does it all.

The Range Rover was first introduced in 1970 as a luxury alternative to the agricultural Land Rover, and it wasn’t until 1997 when Mercedes launched the M-Class as a rival. The Range Rover comes in both standard (SWB) and long wheelbases (LWB), although the LWB is only available on higher spec cars. The Range Rover is JLR’s flagship vehicle, and it offers the most luxury equipment possible. Land Rover has continued to ensure that the Range Rover can keep up with its German rivals in terms of refinement and luxury, but what really sets it apart from them is its huge off-road ability and its mega towing power. The Range Rover is also impressively quiet and refined inside no matter which engine you choose.

Reconditioned Range Rover Engines For Sale:

Here at MKL Motors, we always aim to offer our clients a high quality replacement Range Rover Engine. Although a second hand engine is certainly a viable replacement, we feel that a reconditioned engine is the best option due to the level of work that goes into them, and their competitive price tag.

So what exactly is a reconditioned Range Rover engine? Well, in simple terms a reconditioned Range Rover engine is a unit that has been stripped down, assessed for wear and tear and then rebuilt with brand new components. By going through this procedure we are essentially provide our customers with an engine which is ‘like new’. Range Rover vehicles however, require specialist rebuilders due to their large powerful engines which makes the reconditioning process a lot more complicated. Over the years we have a developed a great deal of experience in engine reconditioning and with a highly skilled team of engineers at our disposal we’ve become extremely proficient at rebuilding Range Rover engines.

As well as offering our clients replacement Range Rover engines, we are also aware of the growing demand for full supply and fitting packages. This option is typically a real bonus for many of our clients as car garages will often refuse to fit Range Rover engines due to the sheer size and complexity of their engines. As a result we now offer vehicle recovery, engine reconditioning and full fitting as an entire package.

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